House Techno

GIOSKI, a multi-talented DJ and producer based in
Lausanne, pushes the techno scene forward through her
residencies at Le Zoo-Usine in Geneva.
After delivering remarkable performances at major Swiss clubs, such as Elysia, Motel Campo, La Gravière, and Exil, in addition to prestigious international events like the Montreux Jazz Festival, GIOSKI has firmly established herself. Her relentless curiosity fuels a unique musical odyssey, as she fearlessly explores sounds from
different eras and genres.
With expert finesse, she weaves these elements into a mesmerizing universe of dance music, all united by her distinct techno essence. GIOSKI effortlessly guides
listeners through a dynamic spectrum, transitioning from
moments of minimalistic dissonance to enchanting melodies that evoke a myriad of emotions. Prepare to be captivated by her transformative sound!

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